Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang speaks at CofC

VIDEO: Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang speaks at CofC

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The Stern Center garden was filled with about 200 people on Friday morning anticipating a visit from Democratic presidential candidate, Andrew Yang.

The entrepreneur was one of several candidates who have visited the College of Charleston to participate in the school’s Bully Pulpit series.

The event aims to target young voters in South Carolina and get them interested in politics.

“We do have to fix things for you all, but we need your help to do it,” Yang said to the crowd. “I understand if you look up and say, ‘Hey, I don’t want to get excited about politics,’ because you feel like our government is too disconnected from your day-today life. I totally understand it, but we don’t have a choice. We don’t. Some of the biggest problems require the government to get its act together, and I know that sounds impossible...but if we have the opportunity we can re-write the rules so that it works for us.”

One of the most talked about pieces of Yang’s platform is his proposal to give all U.S. citizens, over the age of 18, $1,000 a month as a form of universal basic income (UBI). Yang’s website says UBI is a type of social security that guarantees a certain amount of money to every citizen within a given governed population.

Yang also wants to legalize marijuana and pardon inmates “who were put in jail for a non-violent pot offense.” You can read more about his platform: here.

Yang says he plans to come back to South Carolina and believes he can win over voters in the state.

“We’ve looked and seen that most voters are just now tuning in, that the field is very, very fluid,” Yang said. “And we’re one of the big growth stories in the campaign. As more people here in South Carolina find out about my vision for the country, how we can re-write the rules of the twenty-first century economy to work for us, you’re going to see us grow and grow in South Carolina in the days to come.”

As of the publication of this story, Yang has not yet fully qualified for the next democratic debate which will be held on December 19.

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