5 new cases of mumps confirmed at CofC, total now at 56

VIDEO: 5 new cases of mumps confirmed at CofC, total now at 56

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - College of Charleston officials say five new mumps cases have been confirmed at the College of Charleston this week.

The latest update brings the total to 56, and just one day after a case of the mumps was also confirmed at Summerville High School. Eight new cases of the mumps were confirmed last week at the college.

“In 2015, South Carolina saw zero cases of the mumps, and last year in 2018, the whole state saw eight cases, so over 50 is quite significant, and we’re not even through the year yet," MUSC Dr. Elizabeth Mack said.

Since September, the College has hosted two two-day vaccine clinics on campus, and officials say the vast majority of the mumps cases are no longer infectious.

“A third of people that are infected with the mumps actually don’t develop symptoms at all," Mack said. “So, that’s actually a problem, because they don’t realize they’re infected and spread the virus to other people.”

According to the CDC, an infected person can spread the virus by coughing or simply by touching things with unwashed hands that others than touch. They also say the symptoms of the disease could take up three weeks to kick in after a person is exposed.

Those who have never received the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine, are urged to receive the full two-dose MMR series. For those who have not received the MMR vaccine, they’re asked to visit a local pharmacy, urgent care facility or primary care physician.

“In our student health center, we do carry the vaccinations, and we can deliver those on campus as well or connect students with local providers," college administrator Alicia Caudill said.

Once students receive the vaccination, they should bring a copy of the record to Student Health Services.

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