Parent Survival Guide: Teaching kids about gratitude and giving thanks

VIDEO: Parent Survival Guide: Teaching kids about gratitude and giving thanks

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - As we get set to gather with family and friends for the Thanksgiving holiday it’s a good time to use the day as an opportunity to teach children about the important values of giving back and giving thanks.

Local life coach and navigator Ulonda Drayton says teaching these qualities start with what kids see you showing.

“If you’re not doing it or saying it why do we expect them to do it. So we have to be that first role model to say always be thankful or grateful,” says Drayton.

Drayton says gratitude is a feeling that’s best expressed through thankfulness, and the two go hand and hand.

She says no matter how old kids are, it’s never too late to begin teaching it.

“Gratitude goes a little deeper than just saying thank you. It’s actually a two piece suit: grateful and thankful. It kind of goes together. You’re thankful for the action and the gratitude is the feeling that you have inside,” says Drayton.

She says you can always show kids how to give back by volunteering at a local food pantry, shelter or hospital.

Overall, when it comes to family gatherings like Thanksgiving, Drayton says it can get a little stressful but she says make it a point focus on the positive aspects of your family.

“Where there is unity there is strength. So when you come together you can strengthen each other even more,” says Drayton.

Other ways to put the message of the holiday into action is to spend the day free of electronic gadgets and TV and just talk.

Drayton says talk about family traditions surrounding the holiday and what the day means by going around the table and letting everyone say what they’re grateful for.

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