Residents, landowner battle over future of North Charleston property

VIDEO: Residents, landowner battle over future of North Charleston property

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Residents in a North Charleston neighborhood are battling with a landowner over the future of a piece of property there.

The owner wants to put a business where a house once stood.

First, he needs to get the property rezoned from residential to business. The land is located on Burton Lane in the Chicora-Cherokee neighborhood, not far from the new North Charleston port.

Property owner Kurt Oberle says the land is no longer suited for a single family home because of the heavy traffic.

“We’re concerned the people walking down the street and getting hit by a vehicle,” Oberle said. “Those big 18-wheelers and whatnot, building the port right now don’t have the ability to stop on short notice.”

J.A. Davis is incoming president of the Chicora-Cherokee Neighborhood Association.

Davis lives two doors down from the property and says a house should be built there and not a business.

“Putting this here, in our opinion, becomes a gateway for other individuals who may want to do the same thing which would then tear up the integrity of our already-fragile neighborhood,” Davis said.

Oberle says he is trying to build something that won’t hurt but will improve the neighborhood.

“I think something that serves the port night be best in the interest of the neighborhood, giving jobs to locals and bringing tax dollars in,” Oberle said.

“Our neighborhood has fought to create protecting the zoning. It’s not just of business, it’s what that business potentially represents,” Davis said.

The city’s Board of Zoning Appeals denied Oberle’s request to build an eight-foot tall fence on the property to keep trespassers out Monday night, according to city spokesman Ryan Johnson.

The Planning Commission will meet on Dec. 9 and could decide if Oberle can get the zoning change for a business.

City council will have the final say.

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