$7 million in grants awarded to improve South Carolina communities

$7 million in grants awarded to improve South Carolina communities
$7 million in grants awarded to improve South Carolina communities (Source: Community Development Block Grant)

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Twenty-one in South Carolina will benefit from public improvement projects after receiving more than $7 million in grants.

The award comes from the latest round of Community Development Block Grant funding.

SC Department of Commerce is awarding CDBG funds to these communities, that represent more than 43,000 residents, for the following projects:

  • City of Bishopville - $426,500 for Harlem/Blue Pond neighborhood demolition
  • City of Chesnee - $500,000 for S. Alabama streetscape improvements
  • Town of Great Falls - $500,000 for neighborhood demolition
  • City of Greenwood - $177,571 for Westside neighborhood demolition
  • Hampton County - $299,520 for senior center accessibility/energy efficiency improvements
  • Town of Johnston - $454,545 for fire truck
  • Lancaster County - $500,000 for DSS building renovation
  • Town of Mayesville - $494,500 for demolition
  • City of Newberry - $475,000 for West End neighborhood demolition
  • Town of Nichols - $359,400 for school demolition
  • City of Seneca - $500,000 for school demolition
  • City of Union - $500,000 for neighborhood demolition
  • Town of Williston - $198,000 for Elko Street neighborhood demolition
  • Town of Yemassee - $157,500 for demolition
  • Fairfield County - $487,568 for Zion Hill/Fortune Springs Park neighborhood revitalization
  • Town of St. George - $226,548 for Uptown/Little Harlem neighborhood revitalization
  • Town of Atlantic Beach - $150,000 for park improvements
  • City of Chester - $150,000 for community pavilion
  • Town of Edgefield - $150,000 for park improvements
  • City of Woodruff - $150,000 for demolition and park improvements
  • City of York - $150,000 for park improvements

“The CDBG program continues to be an invaluable asset to economic development efforts in communities across South Carolina,” said Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt. “With this resource and the public projects it affords, our state’s residents enjoy an improved quality of life, which is the hallmark of South Carolina as an ideal destination for business.”

SC Commerce awards CDBG funds in the fall and the spring of each year.

Local governments receiving CDBG funds are selected through a statewide competitive process and are required to provide at least a 10% match in funding to complete the projects.

Funds are allocated on an annual basis from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and SC Commerce administers the funds on the state’s behalf.

CDBG assists communities in providing housing, a suitable living environment and expanded economic opportunities.

All grants awarded through the CDBG program must meet at least one of three objectives:

  • Benefit low-to moderate-income persons.
  • Aid in the prevention or elimination of slums and blighting conditions.
  • Meet other urgent community needs where existing conditions pose a serious and immediate threat to public health and welfare and where other financial resources are not readily available to meet such needs.

For additional information on South Carolina’s CDBG program visit www.cdbgsc.com.

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