Proposed Goose Creek townhome proposal raises traffic concerns

VIDEO: Proposed Goose Creek townhome proposal raises traffic concerns

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCSC) - A proposed townhome development in Goose Creek is raising some major traffic concerns for people who live in the area.

The project proposal for about 78 housing units on Nello Drive is about two miles away from the intersection of Red Bank Road and Goose Creek Boulevard.

Goose Creek resident, Eric Mead, who lives next door to the property says it's the size of the development that concerns him.

"The traffic is bad back here and there's really only a couple of ways out of the subdivision as it is, bringing more people in the area is going to make it worse there's really no way around it," Mead said.

On Tuesday, Goose Creek City Council will meet to discuss whether they should change the zoning for the Nello Drive property to allow for about 78 townhomes.

Right now, the property is zoned for medium-density residential, but the developers want to change it to high-density residential.

It’s something that others neighbors believe will add more traffic problems on a road they say sees a lot of accidents already. They are also concerned about flooding with this area being wetlands.

The development proposal for this 18-acre property includes 16 two-story buildings.

The planning commission has recommended that council require the developer to complete a traffic study before permits are granted.

Goose Creek City Council will discuss this project Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. There will also be a public hearing and first reading.

The meeting will be in Council Chambers at 519 N. Goose Creek Boulevard.

We’ve reached out to the developer for a comment on the project. They have not responded at this time.

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