Mount Pleasant considers lowering build height limits in some areas

VIDEO: Mount Pleasant considers lowering build height limits in some areas

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCSC) - Mount Pleasant Town Council is expected to discuss if they should lower building height limits in parts of the town.

Town council is meeting at 6 p.m. on Tuesday. While there are people who support the idea, there are others who say it could impact the sale of their property.

A property at the corner of Johnnie Dodds Boulevard has been vacant for about eight years. It was formerly known as the Miller Cadillac Dealership owned by Clydie de Brux’s father.

“We dislike that it’s the way it is. We have tried everything we could,” de Brux said. “We’ve had three contracts proposed and three contracts withdrawn because of the restrictions imposed by the town.”

She's opposed to the proposal that could lower building height limits from 80 feet to 65 feet or lower for parts of the town that include portions of the Boulevard Overlay District near Johnnie Dodds and the Waterfront District near the base of the Ravenel Bridge.

These districts also include the vicinity of Wingo Way, Magrath Darby Boulevard, Mathis Ferry Road and Houston Northcutt Boulevard.

"My dad took a leap of faith and decided that he wanted to support the Town of Mount Pleasant, the town he loved dearly and grew to respect, " de Brux said.

Now the family owns the property and de Brux believes that changing building height limit will make it more difficult for developers to build. She says she wants what's fair and equitable to their property.

There are people who live in Mount Pleasant who support a change. Resident Javier Gomez says he would rather see lower buildings near Johnnie Dodds Boulevard.

“I love it. I really like it because I don’t want to see big tall buildings here. I prefer that in downtown, as tall as they want,” Javier said.

This proposal is in the beginning stages.

Council could decide to move forward with the approvals process or reconsider. It could be months before new requirements go through various levels of approval.

“I respect the town. I respect the decisions that they are making. But I just want them to make sure that the decisions that they make are for the best interest for the citizens of Mount Pleasant,” de Brux said.

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