Student says she was assaulted, fondled at Morningside Middle School

VIDEO: Student says she was assaulted, fondled at Morningside Middle School

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - A 13-year-old student at Morningside Middle School says she’s been attacked two times at the school, most recently on Monday.

Her mom filed a report with North Charleston police after her daughter came home crying.

“I went on to ask her what happened and she kind of told me about the assault,” the mother said.

According to the incident report, the girl was on her way to class and stopped by her locker to get her jacket. She said hello to a boy and said he grabbed her jacket and wouldn’t let go.

The report states the boy then grabbed her breast.

“She told him,'No that’s not okay, that’s not funny,'” the mother said.

The girl told police that when she walked back to her desk another boy slapped her rear. She claimed that when she tried to complain, a teacher yelled at her, told her to sit down and said “get out of her face.”

The other alleged incident happened in May of 2018. It was a fight, and part of it was caught on cell phone video.

According to that incident report, the 13-year old was walking back to her seat in the classroom when another girl told her to shut up.

The alleged victim told the other girl she couldn’t tell her what to do because she has the freedom of speech. The report states that the suspect called her names and started a fight in the middle of class.

Police say the victim had cuts and bruises from the fight. After two reported incidents, her mom wants her moved to another school.

“What goes through my mind is when you leave your child in the care of a school you would think that they would be safe,” the mother said.

She said her daughter is still afraid and kept her home from school on Tuesday.

“It’s not okay to be in these situations and it’s not okay for anybody to take advantage of them like that,” the mother said.

CCSD spokesman Andy Pruitt said the district is aware of the allegations made. Pruitt said the district and school take the matter seriously and are fully cooperating with the police department.

He said school and district staff members are also investigating the incident. So far, no charges have been filed.

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