Parents want Charleston County School Board to pause on making sweeping changes to schools

VIDEO: Parents want Charleston County School Board to pause on making sweeping changes to schools

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Parents packed the Charleston County School Board meeting room Friday morning to watch the faceoff between board members and state lawmakers.

Members of the Charleston County legislative delegation asked for the meeting after getting many complaints from parents about the board’s proposal for sweeping changes to some magnet and lower performing schools.

Most parents were pleased to see the lawmakers on their side

"The school board has been not very clear and a little bit deceptive and I think just a bit of a disappointment to parents," Kira Golub said.

"I'm not comfortable what's on the table or how fast the table's spinning, give us a chance to speak for our children," Sunshyn Kynard said.

Unlike a regular school board meeting, parents were not allowed to address the delegation.

Instead the delegation members spoke for them and other frustrated parents.

"I've never been more encouraged by members of our delegation. I think they came to our rescue because our voice has been crystal clear, we want to pump the brakes on this," parent Francis Beylotte said.

"Luckily the Charleston County Legislative Delegation has heard us. Thankfully someone has heard us and someone is standing up for parents, standing up fpr children and asking this board to listen," Ashley Wright said.

At the end of the meeting the delegation voted to ask the school board to put on hold making any changes.

One parent said she hopes there's not too long of a delay.

"Do they need more time? Maybe, however more time that is given, more children are gonna suffer," Natasha Jefferson said.

The school board is scheduled to meet on Monday and possibly decide their next move.

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