Dorchester County working with FEMA to demolish homes near Eagle Creek

VIDEO: Dorchester County working with FEMA to demolish homes near Eagle Creek

DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - Flooding is a problem that affects a lot of people across the Lowcountry.

Dorchester County is helping some people find relief by buying their homes through a FEMA grant.

County officials say they have been working with FEMA on several different grants to purchase and demolish homes near Eagle Creek off of Ladson Road.

Neighborhoods in that area have experienced severe flooding during major storm events. Some homeowners have chosen to elevate their homes in order to escape some of the damage caused by flooding.

Rebecca Brown, the Dorchester County Flood Plain Manager, says the process to purchase these homes is lengthy.

After the homes are demolished, they will be turned into green spaces.

Over the past few years county officials say anybody who has had flood insurance claims that totaled over 50 percent of the value of their home were considered part of FEMA’s repetitive loss program. The program provides the grant money.

“After a storm event or hurricane or a flood event, we go out and survey properties door by door and do assessments on what the damages were,” Brown said. “We take those numbers initially to start with to see who may be qualified and we take records of that every event that happens.”

So far 10 homeowners have taken up on the county’s offer. The county says the process to actually purchase these homes and demolish them takes over 2 years, when you include the paperwork and reports.

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