Deputies arrest 4 suspects in ‘pillowcase bandit’ burglaries

VIDEO: Deputies arrest 4 suspects in ‘pillowcase bandit’ burglaries

WALTERBORO, S.C. (WCSC) - Colleton County deputies have arrested four men who are suspects in a 14-county burglary ring.

Daniel Quarles, Brandon Roberts, John Thompson and Eric Youngblood are accused of breaking into 19 homes in the Colleton County in March, April, May and June.

Investigators referred to them as the “pillowcase burglars” because during each break in pillowcases from the victims’ homes were used to haul away some of the stolen items.

Sgt. Billy Tindal says the men were arrested in June by another agency and that Colleton County had to wait in line to charge them. They also faces charges in Berkeley County, he says.

(L-to-R) Brandon Roberts, Daniel Quarles, Eric Youngblood, John Thompson
(L-to-R) Brandon Roberts, Daniel Quarles, Eric Youngblood, John Thompson (Source: Colleton County Sheriff's Office)

Tindal says Youngblood confessed to the crimes and said the three other men also were involved.

“He had a system that they had to abide by,” Tindal said.

Tindal said the suspects staked out five or six houses at a time and decided which one to hit. He said Youngblood told him his crew always struck between 9 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. or 3 p.m.

“According to him, the reason it was that way was they didn’t want to break into a house where children were home or anybody was coming home from school,” Tindal said.

According to the arrest warrants, TVs, jewelry, guns, prescription medicine, video game systems, collectible coins, even a washer and dryer were among the items taken from homes.

Tindal says a lot of the stolen items were recovered at pawn shops and a flea market in the Upstate.

Deputies say Pam Wright was a victim. Wright was at the doctor at the time.

She came home and made a disturbing discovery.

“I noticed the door knob was damaged in the garage and I called 911,” Wright said Monday.

Deputies came to Wright’s house to investigate.

“I got back to the garage, I was like oh my God, they just stole everything they possibly could. I mean, tool boxes, table saws, air compressors, guns, TVs, gone, gone,” Wright said.

Wright eventually got a call from an investigator who had a question for her.

“'You want good news or bad news?' I said, ‘Well, go on, give me the bad news.’ He said, ‘You probably won’t get your stuff back.’ I said. ‘What’s the good news?’ He says, ‘Well, we got them.’ I said, ‘That’s great,’” Wright said.

Tindal says the four men are also facing charges in Charleston, Dorchester, Orangeburg, Horry and several other counties.

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