Parent Survival Guide: Finding the right pet for your family

VIDEO: Parent Survival Guide: Finding the right pet for your family

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Pets can bring you and your family some of the happiest of times.

According to Kay Hyman with the Charleston Animal Society, many animals are bought during the holiday season. She says buying a pet is an important decision that should take a lot of thought and consideration.

“Research what kind of animal will fit your family. If you’re sedentary and just like hanging out your not going to want a Jack Russell who is flying around the room and wants to go outside and play with a ball,” says Hyman.

She says in addition to thinking about your lifestyle and which type of pet would fit in think about what type of pet works with your budget.

Other things like a pet’s lifespan, and behavior is also before making a final decision.

“Every dog and every cat has their own personality, so you really need to spend some time with that animal and make sure they will fit into what you want out of a relationship,” says Hyman.

When it comes to kids and dogs, Hyman says age should play a role in deciding the best time to get one.

“If a child can give a command to an animal that’s a good age to have a child growing up with an animal say about 4 years old,” says Hyman.

Right now, the Charlesston Animal Society has an extra incentive if you get a pet between December 16-23.

Your pet will be delivered to your door Christmas Eve or Christmas day already microchipped, vaccinated, spayed or neutered.

“We will keep the pet here and we will deliver it to your home on Christmas Eve or Christmas day. That’s one of the most fun things we can do every year,” Hyman said.

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