Cory Booker talks voter engagement, Iran strike in Colleton Co. town hall

VIDEO: Cory Booker talks voter engagement, Iran strike in Colleton Co. town hall

WALTERBORO S.C. (WCSC)- With under two months till the presidential democratic primary here in South Carolina, presidential candidate and U.S. senator Cory Booker stopped in the Lowcountry to answer questions on a number of current issues.

In his latest town hall, Booker started his speech discussing not only his White House aspirations, but also complementing his fellow democratic competitors, saying he wants his platform to be more about a civic movement.

"So this is going to be an election won not because you're a millionaire or billionaire, not because of your bank account, Booker said." It's going to be won because of your message and your ability to organize and connect on the grassroots."

Some voters said this democratic primary has been an overwhelming one with the amount of candidates vying for votes.

"There are a lot of great candidates but I think for me it was too many," Colleton County Democratic Party chairperson, Deborah Rodriguez said. "It's made it a little bit confusing to try and narrow it down to who you're going to support."

The New Jersey senator answered questions on his stances surrounding issues like education and healthcare reform.

In South Carolina, Booker has been trailing other candidates in popularity polls and fundraising numbers. Yet, he still remains optimistic, saying he has no plans back down.

"We're putting in the work, connecting with folks," Booker said. So I'm very excited for this campaign. I'm in it to win it."

During the town hall, Booker also addressed his criticism of President Trump’s most recent military strike this week that killed a top Iranian general, Qasem Soleimani.

"There are some really big outstanding questions right now, especially for a president who's done foreign policy by impulse and tweet without any strategies," Booker said.

South Carolina Republican National Committee spokesperson Joe Jackson released a statement on Booker’s visit:

“Despite reports that Qasem Soleimani was planning yet another brutal attack against American citizens, Cory Booker criticized President Trump’s decisive action that saved countless lives. Instead of bowing to party politics, Booker should support President Trump’s efforts to keep Americans safe at home and abroad by actually standing up to terrorists and their regimes.”

Saturday, Booker also visited Allendale and Richland counties. This is his 15th trip to the state as a presidential candidate.

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