CAUGHT ON CAMERA: More than 40 shots fired in downtown Charleston shootout

VIDEO: Police investigating Charleston shootout that left cars damaged

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - One man was arrested following a shootout in downtown Charleston that left windows shattered and cars damaged.

A video camera in the Eastside neighborhood recorded the incident on early Saturday morning. In it, more than 40 gunshots can be heard ringing out in less than 30 seconds. It happened on Aiken Street and Columbus Street.

When police officers in the area responded, they saw cars driving away quickly from the scene, according to the police report.

“Based on the vehicles’ erratic driving and the vehicles being in the immediate area of where the gunshots were heard at the exact same time of when we heard the shots and received the 911 calls for shots fired, [the officer] believed the vehicles to be involved in the shooting,” the report said.

A chase then took place with one of the cars, according to Charleston Police Captain Dustin Thompson.

“One vehicle was stopped. Two people did run from that vehicle. We caught one of them," Thompson said. "He wouldn’t give us a statement. So, we really don’t know if he was associated with a shooting or if he was just in the area, but we did recover a firearm during that traffic stop. We’re still trying to link that firearm back to the shooting scene.”

The man was then charged with reckless driving and failure to stop for blue lights. The department’s investigation is ongoing.

“It’s concerning to say the least," Jamie Figueiredo, who works in the area, said. "It’s really something that there are not a lot of words for honestly. I keep going to back to why. Why does someone feel like they have to shoot something that many times? That’s the scariest part.”

In an effort to get crime in this neighborhood down, Reverend Matthew Rivers from St. Johns’ Chapel is leading the effort to get more cameras in the area, like the one that caught this incident. On Tuesday, he was handing out more.

“This is one of the main things we’re trying to use as a tool to help the Charleston Police Department as well as neighbors to help neighbors combat crime,” Rivers said. “It is not the end all answer, but it is one thing we can do as the community collectively to help battle these crimes and solve these crimes quickly. And, I think having this tool, and that’s all it is a tool, makes us feel a little better walking down the street.”

Rivers said if anyone in the Eastside community wants a camera installed, they can reach out to him directly at St. Johns’ Chapel.

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