VIDEO: Tornado upends, tosses cars in Loris High School parking lot

RAW: Moment tornado blows through Loris High School's parking lot

LORIS, S.C. (WMBF) – Newly-released video from Horry County Schools shows the moment a tornado swept through the parking lot of Loris High School, damaging a number of vehicles.

The EF1 tornado blew through the school’s parking lot Monday afternoon. The two-minute-and-14-second video shows rain start to fall and the wind pick up. By 1:15, the tornado can be seen tossing cars around.

No injuries were reported.

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Officials with the National Weather Service said that winds were up to 90 mph. They said it developed near the Loris High School football field and tracked near the visitor side bleachers.

Loris Police Chief Gary Buley said that 72 cars were damaged when the tornado hit the parking lot. He noted that number could go up while the damage assessment continues.

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