Charleston Co. GOP chair calls out board members, unexpectedly steps down

VIDEO: Charleston Co. GOP chair calls out board members, unexpectedly steps down

CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - Charleston County Republican Party chairman John Kuhn stepped down from his position on Tuesday night after saying he was verbally attacked by his fellow board member.

“At this moment, I cannot work with my executive board,” Kuhn said, according to leaked audio from Tuesday’s meeting. “I sure don’t expect to get attacked by my own board member for about an hour after all I’ve done for the party every week, especially a board member who has not been working anywhere in the ballpark as much as I have.”

He then called out his fellow board member party treasurer Cameron Brown.

“Why would I want to serve on this board at this time? I don’t," he said. “If I do not have your support, I need to resign. So therefore, I am resigning.”

Kuhn, a former state senator, was the chairman for nine months.

“I have worked extremely hard for the party,” he said. “I thoroughly enjoyed serving as party chair. In fact, I loved it. I will move forward in God’s guidance. Thank you all.”

The board then took a 10-minute recess, and according to Joe Bowers, who was in the room, everyone was speechless.

“The meeting was called to order, John read his speech and left the room. I mean it was very abrupt," Bowers said. "Everybody was silent. There was really no reaction at first, because everybody was completely shocked.”

Bowers said the vice chair has now become the acting chair. A new election is set to be held next month to fill the position.

“I feel it was very unprofessional. I’m a very firm believer in you praise in public, scold in private, and that clearly was not the case," Bowers said. "We kind of aired the party’s dirty laundry for the public, and that’s something we don’t need right now, especially in this critical 2020 election cycle that we have coming up.”

Bowers has not decided if he’ll run for chair. He ran last April and lost to Kuhn.

Kuhn has declined to comment.

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