Father calls 911 on school resource officer at Charleston County elementary school

VIDEO: Father calls 911 on school resource officer at Charleston County elementary school

JOHNS ISLAND, S.C. (WCSC) - A father called 911 from Angel Oak Elementary School on Wednesday after he said he felt threatened by the school resource officer.

“I need an officer here at Angel Oak Elementary on Johns Island," the father said in a 911 call. “I don’t feel safe with this officer.”

That officer is a Charleston County Sheriff’s Office deputy. The father, Tyrrie Moore, said he was at the school trying to get answers for his 7-year-old son who he said was bullied on the school bus.

“[The deputy] was walking towards me, he grabbed his gun, and I was like, ‘Oh no,'” Moore said. “I’m a parent here. I’m at my son’s school being a parent.”

The deputy said it was Moore who was causing the problems though, according to the sheriff’s office report.

“Several school staff members informed me [Moore was] standing outside the fence of the bus drop off stated he was going to confront children for bullying his son the day before,” the incident report said. “[The deputy] stepped outside the fence and advised the man he needed to move to the front office.”

Moore said he was trying to find the principal and wasn’t trying to approach any students. They then walked to the principal’s office, the report said. During that walk is when Moore said he felt threatened by the officer and called 911.

“Nothing that we’ve seen thus far supports that [the deputy] was in a threatening manner or that he had his hand on his gun," Charleston County Assistant Sheriff Mitch Lucas said.

Moore then met with the principal who said she’d be following up with the students and their parents.

“My son is thriving to be an all star. He’s in sports. He does a lot of academic stuff. I’m raising him the right way,” Moore said. “The way they treated me yesterday that was uncalled for.”

Charleston County School District spokesperson Andy Pruitt said procedures are in place in their schools that enable parents and guardians to express their concerns and for staff members to assist them in addressing those concerns.

“Unfortunately, the actions of one parent of a student at Angel Oak Elementary School yesterday made the handling a specific situation more difficult,” Pruitt said. “Administrators at Angel Oak, and throughout the district, are willing to work at solving problems and come up with solutions for all parties involved in any matter, but we must be allowed to work through the processes in place.”

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