Crews enter fifth day fighting fire at Lowcountry mulch facility

VIDEO: Crews enter third day fighting fire at Lowcountry mulch facility

LADSON, S.C. (WCSC) - North Charleston firefighters have been on the the scene of a fire at a wood recycling facility for five days.

Fire crews have been working the fire at Ladson Wood Recycling off of Highway 78 since around 5:30 a.m. Saturday, according to North Charleston Fire Department Deputy Chief Stephanie Julazadeh.

The mulch continued to smoke Wednesday morning, but no flames were visible. Personnel from the recycling facility are still working on the fire while the fire department monitors the process.

“It was close to affecting some power lines and getting into the wood line. So, that was our primary objective, stop it were it was and contain it to that individual pile," Julazadeh said. “We continue to try to separate what is burning from what’s not burning to contain the fuel load, and as we progress on that we reduce the size of the fire and reduce the amount of smoke affecting the area. It is not threatening the powerlines or the wood line anymore.”

No buildings are being threatened by the fire at this time, but smoke is still visible from miles away.

“In the last five years, we’ve had three of these type of fires, these mulch piles igniting and us coming to the scene," Julazadeh said. “We’ve been working with the facility owner on managing the size of the piles and the access to the piles. We just try to continue a working relationship with commercial business owners.”

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