Former councilman accuses Mt. Pleasant mayor of abusing his power

VIDEO: Former councilman accuses Mt. Pleasant mayor of abusing his power

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The ongoing feud between the Town of Mount Pleasant’s mayor and a former town councilman has taken a new twist.

At a recent budget committee meeting, former town councilman Kevin Cunnane accused Mayor Will Haynie of abusing his power.

The two men have been feuding since the release of a police report involving an unnamed town official.

When the Mount Pleasant Town council budget committee meeting was called to order on Jan. 15, the second item on the agenda was the public comment period.

Former councilman Kevin Cunnane stood up to address the committee members. The audio of the meeting was recorded by the town.

"I'm here to speak to you about something that's unpleasant and needs your attention," Cunnane is heard saying to the committee members.

Cunnane brought up an incident that happened in October 2018 at Cario Middle School.

According to a redacted incident report, an unnamed town official who was not the mayor, went to the school and complained that a female student had been bullied and attacked by another student.

In the report, an officer said the town official was rude and belligerent.

Live 5 News asked police and the town for an unredacted report that identified the town official, but the town's lawyers refused to do so.

At the time, Cunnane accused Mayor Will Haynie of trying to help the news media get the unredacted report.

Ultimately a judge ruled in the town's favor.

During the budget committee meeting, Cunnane accused Haynie of improperly using his power.

“We can’t allow another situation where a child gets dragged into a political smear campaign and gets harmed, it’s nonsense,” Cunnane said. “Last night, the mayor spoke about respect at his state of the town speech. He knows nothing about respect, nothing. He’s a disgraceful man, he lied about medal of honor recipients last year in his strategic communications plan otherwise known as propaganda which is a lie.”

Haynie declined a request to comment, but Cunnane released the following statement:

“This is another effort by the Mayor to attempt to create a false narrative designed to silence his critics. Haynie thrives on theatrics designed to divert attention for his lack of action on critical town issues. As a citizen, I choose to focus on exposing the truth about his conduct in office.”

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