S.C. teacher assistant on leave after 6-year-old says she choked him

VIDEO: S.C. teacher assistant on leave after 6-year-old says she choked him

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - A Charleston County School District teacher assistant has been placed on administrative leave as the district investigates a claim that she choked a 6-year-old student.

The alleged incident happened at A.C. Corcoran Elementary School in North Charleston on Monday afternoon. The student’s mother notified the district on Tuesday morning.

“[The student said] the teacher began to choke him with her hand and then grabbed the back of his shirt, walked him over to the blue chair by the back door, and sat him down hard in the chair,” the responding North Charleston police officer said in his incident report.

“[The teacher assistant] stated [the student] was acting out, and she gave some redirection with no change,” the officer wrote. “[She] stated that when the redirections were not working she used her fingers and grabbed his shirt on the back right shoulder in a non-aggressive manor, escorted him about 10 feet across the room, and sat him in the chair before his behavior escalated."

After sitting, the student then calmed down, the teacher assistant told the officer. She denied choking or grabbing the student in an aggressive way.

The officer talked to the child the day after the incident and said he saw no marks or bruising on the child’s neck, and wrote, “at this time there was no malice intent and the teacher was just trying to calm the student down.”

The school district is continuing its own investigation.

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