New affordable workforce housing coming to Mount Pleasant

VIDEO: New affordable workforce housing coming to Mount Pleasant

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCSC) - More than 70 percent of Mount Pleasant’s workforce lives outside of the town. According to Town Council, that is mostly because of the high cost of living.

On Tuesday night, the town council will vote on the proposed development for the Gregorie Ferry Landing condominiums. These would be affordable housing units, only for those with qualifying income levels.

The rentals and condos would be on Winnowing Way, off of US Highway 17 South, across from the current Gregorie Ferry Landing apartments.

People hoping to live there must meet the Housing and Urban Development workforce standards with yearly income between $40,000 to $62,000.

This is part of Mount Pleasant's efforts to provide affordable housing for those in the community's workforce.

Some of these jobs include teachers, firefighters, police officers, or retail workers. It can also pertain to recent college graduates.

This project will provide a three-story, 42-unit building of condos with 21, one-bedroom units and 21, two-bedroom units.

The units will cost between $212,000 and $285,000. ​

Tuesday night, the town council will vote to change a portion of this undeveloped land from commercial to residential.

Officials say they expect this project to pass because they have been working on the affordable housing issue in the community for a while and have had lots of positive feedback on the idea.

The property is also planned to be accessible by multiple roads.

Officials also say the condos were designed with future construction plans in mind, including a connection from Porcher's Bluff to Gregorie Ferry Rd. and eventually to Highway 41.

New animal mistreatment ordinance

Right now in South Carolina, there is no state-wide law enforcing the regulation of animal mistreatment.

Local officials say the state has advised individual towns and counties to devise their own rules for this.

The Town of Mount Pleasant has partnered with the Humane Society of South Carolina to create its own ordinances to enforce humane restrictions on the tethering of an animal, hot car restrictions, and improved shelter guidelines for animals.

The town is proposing laws that would regulate the amount of time an animal can be tied up and with certain chain length guidelines.

They have also proposed regulations on how community members can protect animals in distress.

For example, right now, a law enforcement officer could use reasonable force to remove a dog in danger from a car. The town is proposing this also be the case for anyone in the community under the "Good Samaritan" rule.

A person would have a list of guidelines to check before doing so, such as noting that the animal is visibly injured, and first contacting the owner and calling 911.

If they check all of these boxes, a person could then break a car window in order to save a dog. They would not face any charges or liability.

Mount Pleasant officials also want to make it clear that they are not just asking the community to report inhumane animal treatment so that animal control can come take away their pet.

The town and the Humane Society want to focus on owner education as well.

If it is reported that someone's animal is in too small of an outdoor form of a shelter, a citation could be written, but the dog probably won't be taken away. Instead, the Humane Society will most likely hold the dog for you until you prove you purchased adequate shelter.

The first reading of these ordinances passed unanimously. The final reading will be tonight at The Mount Pleasant Municipal Complex at 6 p.m.

Officials from Town Council and the South Carolina Humane Society expect this ordinance to pass tonight.

They said the community of Mount Pleasant seems to be on the same page in terms of how they want their animals treated.

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