Student ‘seriously injured’ after kicking, shattering glass door near bus stop

VIDEO: Student 'seriously injured' after kicking, shattering glass door near bus stop

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - A Charleston Charter School for Math and Science student was “seriously injured" at a post office while waiting near his bus stop on Wednesday morning.

“Scholars were going in and out of a door at the post office, and the glass in the door broke," school principal Mary Carmichael said. “It is a serious injury, and the scholar is receiving medical care.”

Police officers say he kicked the front glass door of an Ashley River Road post office and got cut by a piece of broken glass.

At the time of the incident, one woman called 911 for help.

“Ma’am hurry up. He’s losing a lot of blood,” the caller said. “He has a severe laceration on his leg.”

“You said there is a tourniquet on it?” the operator asked.

“A makeshift, towels and string to hold it,” she responded.

Charleston Police, EMS, and Fire crews responded to the scene. The student was then taken to the hospital.

“Our scholars at the bus stop did a great job responding to the situation,” Carmichael said in a letter to parents.

The school is now investigating the incident. Counselors were also made available for students.

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