I-526 Lowcountry Corridor Project plans moving forward

VIDEO: I-526 Lowcountry Corridor Project plans moving forward

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The I-526 Lowcountry Corridor Project is a major project working to relieve traffic congestion and improve the safety of the interstate running through Charleston.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation says the most important part of their planning process is to improve safety at the I-526 and I-26 interchange at Rivers Avenue, because of how dangerous it is.

They also plan to double the width of the interstate from four to eight lanes.

The project is currently in its environmental phase, where potential impact to the community and natural environment is analyzed. The SCDOT has already presented its environmental plans and is now working on making changes, some of which were proposed by the community.

Officials say they hope to finish the environmental process by this fall. The project will then be able to enter the final steps before beginning construction.

That next phase will be the identification, negotiation and purchasing of necessary right of way final design.

In the meantime, the South Carolina Department of Transportation is asking the public to continue giving comments on changes they want to see in the project.

“What we’re doing right now is filtering through all of the comments that we got in on the alternatives that we’ve presented," Joy Riley, the Program Manager for SCDOT said. “And we’re already working on making some changes and tweaks, based on public comment. So, at some point later this year we’ll put out a response to comment and we’ll really put that information on the web page and mail everybody who actually submitted comments and let them know what we’re working on to address their comments.”

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