Trump Fed nominee Shelton faces skepticism at Senate hearing

Trump Fed nominee Shelton faces skepticism at Senate hearing
This Feb. 5, 2018, file photo shows the seal of the Board of Governors of the United States Federal Reserve System at the Marriner S. Eccles Federal Reserve Board Building in Washington. Judy Shelton, President Donald Trump's nominee to the Federal Reserve touted her credentials in written testimony Thursday, Feb. 13, 2020, and said she would “work collegially” if approved. She will likely face tough questioning by the Senate Banking Committee Thursday, which is considering her nomination. (Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik/AP)

WASHINGTON (AP) — One of President Donald Trump’s nominees for the Federal Reserve came under sharp questioning from senators over her unorthodox economic views, including from two Republicans whose doubts about her nomination could imperil it.

The nominee, Judy Shelton, sought to make her unconventional views an asset by promising to bring “intellectual diversity” to the Fed.

Shelton has previously expressed support for a wide range of out-of-the-mainstream perspectives, including tying the dollar’s value to gold.

She’s also raised concerns by questioning the need for the central bank’s independence.

After the hearing, two key Republicans reiterated their misgivings about her nomination. A third said he was undecided.

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