Charleston County EMS says new CPR monitors are saving lives

VIDEO: Charleston County EMS says new CPR monitors are saving lives

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Charleston County paramedics say a new type of CPR monitor that can show if the procedure is being performed correctly is saving lives.

County EMS Director David Abrams says the new monitors were purchased as part of a five year plan to add more ambulances, full-time employees and technology.

"With everybody moving to Charleston, council recognized we needed to have more cash flow into the system so that we can maintain a high level of service for the citizens," Abrams said Friday.

Abrams says the new CPR monitors are part of a plan call high performancea CPR.

"It's a plan that allows everyone to know their various roles in a cardiac arrest situation," Abrams said. "So for instance, the fire department understands they're gonna be at this location over the patient, cardiac monitor will be at another location."

EMS Division Chief Carl Fehr says the screen on the new CPR monitors shows if CPR is being done correctly. Fehr demonstrated how it works.

"It's picked up on my compressions, my diamond's starting to fill in with my better quality of compressions," Fehr said.

"We estimate that we probably have saved on average maybe an additional 30 lives, we think that made a difference," Abrams said.

EMS also is using new hydraulic stretchers that can lift a patient weighing up to 700 lbs.

Abrams says the new stretchers will prevent serious back and spine injuries for paramedics.

He says EMS also has six new ambulances that cost a total of $1.8 million.

“Charleston County has moved to the Cadillac of ambulances,” Abrams said.

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