South Carolina community mourning after missing 6-year-old found dead

VIDEO: South Carolina community mourning after missing 6-year-old found dead

LEXINGTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - The neighborhood where a missing 6-year-old was found dead is still blocked off as an investigation surrounding her death continues.

Investigators say her body was found Thursday morning, not far from where she was last seen.

They also found the body of an unidentified man.

Police had been searching for the 6-year-old round-the-clock, and they’ve followed up on hundreds of tips.

“Everyone is mourning her loss right now,” said Wendy Sinopoli who works near the neighborhood."It’s very shocking."

Sinopoli works at a gas station across the street from Churchhill Heights, the neighborhood where Faye lived with her mother and grandmother.

She says she used to see the little girl come in all the time.

“My coworker she said she came in here Sunday,” Sinopoli said."I was working too but I was in the back room, and she talked with the little girl."

In the neighborhood on Thursday, crime scene tape blocked off the wooded area near where she lived.

Videos were released showing Faye on the school bus.

People say they were less hopeful when the search entered its fourth day.

“This has been going on since Monday, and here’s Thursday," said Anne Jackson who lives in Lexington County."We just had a feeling, a bad feeling. Because I go by this area every single day and they’ve had police. You can’t even go in that area because they were questioning everyone going in and out.”

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