Cottageville mayor says proposed changes in gun laws are needed to keep people safe

VIDEO: Cottageville mayor says proposed changes in gun laws are needed to keep people safe

COTTAGEVILLE, S.C. (WCSC) - The Colleton County town of Cottageville is proposing changes in its gun laws that would spell out where gun owners can carry and shoot their guns.

There are two ordinances under consideration.

One would prevent anybody from bringing a gun or any kind of weapon on town property including town hall and the town owned park.

The second ordinance would prevent anybody from pointing or shooting a gun inside the town limits.

Any violators would face a $500 fine.

What stands out in each proposed changes to the law is the banning of antique black powdered guns. That change would affect people like Raymond Allen, who lives in Cottageville and carries a loaded black powder gun as well as a badge and police baton.

Current law allows him to carry the gun.

Cottageville Mayor Tim Grimsley says the town’s police chief has gotten lots of complaints about Allen. And he says the gun could easily go off and hurt someone.

“If I can just put one line, use common sense, everybody would be happy," Grimsley said. “The problem is very few people around here nowadays have common sense.”

The mayor says he's not targeting anyone who tries to shoot a squirrel in a tree on their own property.

“But shooting a gun straight up in the air in the middle of Main Street downtown, you may not be hurting somebody, but you’re gonna scare somebody driving in the road, gonna turn the corner,” Grimsley said. “What we’re trying to do is to keep people in our town safe.”

Opponents of the proposed changes declined to speak on camera.

They said they would make their feelings known at a public hearing at town hall Tuesday night. The hearing starts at 6 p.m.

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