Santee Cooper to continue releasing water from dam on Lake Marion at least through Wednesday

VIDEO: Georgetown community pushes for flooding fixes

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCSC) - Tuesday marks five days since roads and some homes in Georgetown County flooded.

Santee Cooper says it is releasing water from the Santee Dam on Lake Marion following heavy rainfall in the other parts of the state.

As a result, the water has traveled through the river system and is impacting people who live in Georgetown County.

Santee Cooper says it plans to continue releasing water from the dam through at least Wednesday.

Resident Jimmy Small who lives on Demarka Drive says the water has gone done a foot and a half since yesterday, but his yard still looks like a lake. Some of that water was in his home.

"We're just trying to get where we can start get the floors dried out," Small said.

He's say he lives about 500 yards from the river.

“We never really had any problems here until they put the re-diversion canal in," Small said.

Many people have asked Santee Cooper to redirect the water to other places like the Cooper River to lessen the load of water. Santee Cooper officials says a contract they have with the Army Corp of Engineers doesn’t allow them to do that.

Over on Corner Loop Road Hassan Collins says the water almost entered his home.

“Some people weren’t able to get out they house, weren’t able to get to work," Collins said. "It just made it hard on all of us getting around and doing what we need to do.”

Santee Cooper officials say they are still releasing water from the Santee Dam on Lake Marion and they are monitoring the rain and the weather.

“They could care less about us down here, the only time they pay attention to us is when they want your vote," Small said.

Small is waiting for the flooding to go down before making repairs.

“To replace all that, it’s a lot of money out of our pockets.” Small said.

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