Cottageville mayor receives backlash on proposed gun changes

VIDEO: Cottageville mayor receives backlash on proposed gun changes

COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - The town of Cottageville is considering two proposals that would change their current gun laws.

As the ordinances are written, one would prevent anybody from bringing a gun or any kind of weapon on town property including town hall and the town owned park.

The second ordinance would prevent anybody from pointing or shooting a gun inside town limits.

On Tuesday, the town of Cottageville held a public hearing for both ordinances. Residents specifically had a problem with the second ordinance.

At the hearing, only Cottageville residents were allowed to speak. Gerald Grener, who lives in the county but not within town limits, said the ordinances were still concerning to him.

“The way the ordinances had been written is not quite clear and definitely needs to be gone over correctly,” Grener said. “There are only certain laws they can implement and they have to follow state law.”

Cottageville Mayor Tim Grimsley believes the ordinances have been misinterpreted and blown out of proportion.

“We have not changed any laws. We abide by state statutes,” Grimsley said. “We’re not trying to do anything with their second amendment rights at all.”

He says he just wants people to use guns responsibly, and to not carry them on town-owned property.

The ordinances specifically mention black powder guns. The mayor says the intent is to keep them off of the town’s park.

“These people that carry black powder pistols, they’re loaded, and they’re capped which means they’re ready to fire," Grimsley said."And there’s a loop hole, a law, that says they can do that."

At the next town council meeting the mayor says he will recommend that they table the ordinances and keep things the way they are now.

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