School in downtown Charleston may become affordable housing

VIDEO: School in downtown Charleston may become affordable housing

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The Archer School in downtown may soon become affordable housing, and city officials are looking to do this while maintaining the building's historic value.

The Henry P. Archer School is located at 220 Nassau Street.

On Wednesday the City of Charleston Planning commission will vote to rezone the area to make it a residential district.

This will require the school to have affordable housing units, and city officials say it will also allow for developers to add specifically high-density housing, which means more units in a smaller space.

The school first opened in 1935, and served the community as a school until 1981. It is currently owned by the Charleston County School District.

The City of Charleston originally planned to buy it, but after deciding it was ultimately too expensive, the Humanities Foundation now plans to be the ones to restore this old school into affordable housing.

One of the public's biggest concerns is how affordable the housing will actually be, but city officials say this local foundation is known for their affordable housing properties.

The Planning Commission will meet Wednesday at 5 p.m. at City Hall. If the rezoning is approved, it will be heard by the full council. Following approval, the developers will also begin to discuss how many units and how much parking there will be. But city officials say it will take months before construction begins.

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