Black History Month: Interview with Super Bowl Champion Alex Brown

VIDEO: Black History Month: Interview with Super Bowl Champion Alex Brown

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - On Super Bowl Sunday, one of the youngest persons to hoist the Lombardi trophy was Alex Brown of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Brown, a native of Holly Hill, South Carolina, is in his rookie season with the Chiefs.

Live 5 News Anchor Raphael James caught up with Brown fresh off of his team’s victory.

Raphael James: How’s it feel to have that (Super Bowl Champion) behind your name?

Alex Brown: It feels good. I was saying the other day. you can put Super Bowl champion behind my name. And this is my first year in the league. That’s crazy.

RJ: When did it sink in?

AB: It sunk in probably like 10 minutes after the game. When I broke down and started crying. I was like man, I lost a grandma. She’s no longer here. I lost a cousin. I was cut by three different teams. I’m on the biggest stage and I just won a Super Bowl.

RJ: When you were a kid playing football, did you ever dream this?

AB: I dreamt of winning the super bowl. But not my first year. Not like this. being cut by three different teams. Never in a million years I dreamt it this way.

RJ: You’re from Holly Hill, South Carolina. What made you think ever, that you could be playing on the biggest stage from little Holly Hill?

AB: Honestly, my coach, Coach Carter. He brought me through the ranks in high school. So, I’m a very little guy going through high school and they were like, you know you probably won’t get no offers. But Coach Carter he taught me something different. He took me to a lot of different camps. I got my first offer my sophomore year. After that everything started taking off and Coach Carter was like, “Stick with it and I got you.”

RJ: Anything else you want to add?

AB: I just want to say I love you guys and kids get your grades because your grades are going to get you into college and college is going to take you to a different level even if you’re not playing sports.

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