Candidates attend church in Lowcountry ahead of primary week

VIDEO: Biden and Buttigieg visit Lowcountry

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Presidential hopefuls Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg spent this morning in churches around the Lowcountry in the latest push for votes ahead of the state primary.

Biden attended Royal Missionary Baptist Church. He said he expects his biggest competition in the state to be Bernie Sanders, who solidified his national lead with a big win in Nevada.

"Whomever wins this primary is going to go into super Tuesday very strongly," Biden said. "And I think it is going to be Bernie and me."

Buttigieg spoke to voters at First Baptist Church on James Island.

"I know also that when I am asking voters, particularly black voters to trust me in this election, that is asking somebody who has perhaps never met me, to trust me with their lives," Buttigieg said.

Both Biden and Buttigieg spoke to crowds about the impact black voters have on the election. The majority likely democratic voters in South Carolina are African American.

“What I’m expecting is to make a case to the people of South Carolina that they have an opportunity to essentially determine who the next president is,” Biden said.

Karen Youngblood heard Buttigieg speak at First Baptist. She is not committed to a candidate just yet and wants to hear and see what candidates do in Charleston before making his decision on Saturday.

"I have to look at some of the debates and make my final decision on who I am going to vote for," youngblood said. "South Carolina is important because there's a lot of growth here, but we still need a lot of changes."

Undecided voter and member of Royal Missionary Baptist Church, Theodore Nelson, said he wants candidates to address key issues that affect the local community like housing, healthcare and the economy.

“This vote here is personal and then the general will be what’s best for the country, for me,” Nelson said. “So this vote here is how it can best support me and my house.”

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