Good deed caught on camera: Ohio high school freshman seen helping woman cross the street

Aiken High School freshman caught on camera doing a good deed

CINCINNATI (WXIX/Gray News) - A picture of a high school freshman is getting lots of attention on social media, WXIX reported.

It shows Dontarius Caldwell, 15, walking a visually impaired woman across the street.

“Just thought, man, that is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. When they stopped at that corner, I had to take a picture,” said Mike Garibay, the photographer.

He said he learned from the teen’s principal that Dontarius walks the woman across the street three times a week.

Sheena Farrwell, the teen's mom, was on Facebook Monday when she saw the photo of her son doing a good deed.

“A friend of mine had shared it, and I was like, 'That looks like my son!’ and I was like, ‘That is my baby!’ I’m just really proud and excited,” Farrwell said.

She said she had no idea that Dontarius was helping the woman but she’s not surprised.

“He’s always willing to help. He’s such a good kid. I just love him so much," Farwell said.

Gariby hopes Dontarius will get his message of encouragement.

“Keep up the good work because there’s a lot of people watching. Hopefully, he gets recognition for this because there’s a lot of people watching,” Gariby said.

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