What’s Driving You Crazy: Traffic, out of sync signals on Hwy 17 in Mt. Pleasant

What’s Driving You Crazy: Traffic, out of sync signals on Hwy 17 in Mt. Pleasant
In our series, What's Driving You Crazy, Live 5 News gets answers to your questions and concerns about Lowcountry roads. (Source: Live 5)

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCSC) - In the past few weeks, several people have reached out to Live 5 News to complain about traffic and, what seemed to be, out of sync traffic signals in Mount Pleasant. Turns out, those speculations were correct.

The town’s operations division chief, James Aton, said they have been changing some signals from video detection to radar detection.

“This equipment is more resilient," Aton said. “It’s not as affected by weather.” The old camera system could be knocked sideways with wind or blurred with rain or fog. The signals with the newer, radar technology are at the following intersections:

  • Hwy 17 and Houston Northcutt Blvd
  • Hwy 17 and Hamlin Rd/Brickyard Pkwy
  • Hwy 17 and I-526/Hungryneck Blvd
  • Hwy 17 and Mathis Ferry Rd/Venning Rd
  • Hwy 17 and Lexington Dr/Oakland Market Rd

While switching over from the old signals to the new signals last month, there was a gap where the town had to set up pre-timed signals.

“They basically came out of coordination with the Highway 17 corridor," Aton said. “It made things pretty bad.”

This work is being done through a capital improvement program that focuses on upgrading traffic signals throughout the town. Aton said four of the five signals are back up and running as they should. The only exception is the intersection of Highway 17 and Lexington Drive/Oakland Market Road because of a car crash that took out some of the equipment.

Aton also said the town is looking into adding three more of these new signals along the Highway 17 corridor and adding some along Coleman Boulevard. He believes it should not take as long to swap out the signals in the future because the town was able to troubleshoot this time.

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