Summerville woman living in quarantine, waiting for COVID-19 test results

VIDEO: Summerville woman living in quarantine, waiting for COVID-19 test results

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCSC) - A Summerville woman is living in quarantine after being tested for the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

Sabrina Marshall, 51, went to the hospital on Monday with symptoms she believes line up with those of the virus.

“When the doctor came in, he was in full gear. Full gear, and that’s understandable, they got to protect themselves,” Marshall said. “He said, ‘Here’s the process, because you look pretty healthy, and I believe you got it. You got all the symptoms of COVID-19, but because you’re pretty healthy, I cannot test you.’ And, I was like, ‘What?’"

“He said that the only way that the CDC and the United States regulation allow him to test me is if I was sick enough to be admitted, even though he had the test right there,” she said.

Marshall was then told to fill out an application online and make an appointment for the drive-thru testing service being offered by MUSC at the Citadel Mall. It was opened last week. To access the MUSC Health Virtual Urgent Care online platform, click here.

“It really was like a scene from Outbreak with everybody in major full gear," Marshall said. "I get around to the gentleman to be tested, and they put the thing up my nose, really deep up there.”

She said she was told her sample will first be tested for the flu, and if that comes back negative, it’ll be sent to the state’s department of health for the official COVID-19 test. She was tested on Wednesday but has self-isolated since Monday.

“Since I’ve been in quarantine, it’s been kind of stressful," Marshall said. "Thank God we have a big enough house, so we can separate. Everybody can go to what I’m calling apartment A, apartment B, apartment C, and apartment D. That’s what we’ve named them. But it’s kind of lonely.”

Marshall said she plans to stay in her house until the test results come back, but she did let her neighborhood know online what was going on.

“When I put it out there that I’d been tested and just wanted you to know, all the responses came back: ‘We’re praying for you. We’re there for you. Anything you need, we’ll drop it off at the door,'" Marshall said.

As for what she’s going to do when she’s free from quarantine, well let’s just say, it doesn’t cost any money.

“I’m going to hug my grand babies and my mom," Marshall said. "I’m really going to become more of an advocate for people getting tested.”

In order to do this interview, Marshall remained inside her house behind a window and called. Her call was then recorded on a microphone to the camera recording the interview.

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