BI-LO to reserve hour for at-risk shoppers, hire workers hit hard by pandemic

BI-LO to reserve hour for at-risk shoppers, hire workers hit hard by pandemic
BI-LO's parent company announced it is instituting a special hour reserved for seniors and at-risk customers and is expanding job opportunities for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. (Source: Eric Glenn)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The parent company of BI-LO says it is looking to quickly hire people affected by restricted working hours and layoffs including those in the hospitality and restaurant industry.

Southeastern Grocers made the announcement Thursday. The company also owns Fresco y Más, Harveys Supermarket and Winn-Dixie grocery stores, and said it iis working to offer opportunities at all of its stores.

People interested in applying can visit their local BI-LO, Fresco y Más, Harveys Supermarket and Winn-Dixie grocery stores for more information or visit

Stores announce new weekday hour for senior, at-risk shoppers

The company said it will also set aside an hour each morning Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. for seniors and high-risk customers to shop to help protect them from exposure to COVID-19 at all of its stores.

In a release, the company asked all customers “to respect this time given to the elderly and other high-risk community members to allow them the comfort of purchasing necessary products in a safe environment.”

Store pharmacies will also open weekdays at 8 a.m. to provide prescription refills, influenza and pneumonia vaccines and customer counseling.

“As a grocer and people-first company, we are doing everything in our power during this time of uncertainty to lessen the impact it has on our associates, customers, community members and their loved ones," SEG President and CEO Anthony Hucker said. “Now more than ever, it is imperative we work together to ensure all individuals and families have access to a safe shopping environment as well as fresh, nutritious meals as more people are eating at home.”

Its SEG Gives Foundation is also donating $250,000 to Feeding America® to help provide support to those facing food insecurity in light of layoffs and reduced work hours as businesses deal with falling sales and health concerns.

Target and Dollar General have also announced special times for vulnerable shoppers.

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