Church making sure kids have rides to go get free meals

VIDEO: Church making sure kids have rides to go get free meals

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - Berkeley County schools are working to make sure children are fed while school is out due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The district is utilizing a drive-through pickup service for lunch and a snack at different locations.

But, not all kids have the means to get to those locations. A church in Berkeley County is stepping in to help.

Several members of Providence Church realized there are kids in the area who would not be able to go and get the free lunches being provided by the school district.

“We minister to this community every week and pick them up for church,” Amy Otto, who’s in charge of the Bus Ministry at Providence Church, said. “We just knew that they might be home and not having enough to eat.”

Otto, along with several church members, have started using their own cars to go and pick up more than a dozen kids, take them to one of the lunch locations, and then bring them back home.

The church started making the runs earlier this week. The first day they had about 12 kids and each day they see that number growing. On Thursday, that number had reached 20.

Those in the community are very thankful.

“It’s great because some of the kiddos parents are working and they don’t have a way to get them to lunch or breakfast,” Betty Boyd, who’s grandkids are taken to get their lunch, said. “I sure appreciate them coming out and picking up the kids.”

“I was thankful that they came to get us lunch because earlier in the mornings my parents are at work,” Iyunna Reynolds, who’s in 6th grade, added.

Because more and more children are needing rides to go and get food, the church is in desperate need for volunteers who would like to take a couple of hours out of their day to drive the kids to get food and then back home.

If you’d like to help – you can message the church by going here:

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