Daycare centers remaining open despite schools being shut down

VIDEO: Daycare centers remaining open despite schools being shut down

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - While South Carolina public schools and colleges are shut down, Gov. Henry McMaster has not yet issued a similar order for daycare centers.

This means daycare workers must come to work as they look after up to 150 kids in one building.

Many of the 10-20 staff members working at each daycare facility are required to take PTO if they don’t feel safe coming to work.

But keeping these daycare facilities open also allows the children’s parents, namely healthcare workers, to go to work. Some daycare centers in the Tri-County area say they are seeing a decrease in kids because parents are keeping them home, but some aren’t.

One daycare center in North Charleston, Kingdom Treasures, is trying to stay ahead by cutting down staff to a skeleton staff by Monday. Kingdom Treasures says they will only have staff working who want to work and are asking that only parents who have to work bring their kids in.

No parents will be allowed in to as part of their precautions. You can text KTCDC to 71441 to download their app if you are a parent who must report to work.

South Carolina officials have not yet said they have any plans to close daycare centers.

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