As schools turn to eLearning, parents trying to help teach kids from home

VIDEO: As schools turn to eLearning, parents trying to help teach kids from home

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - School closures and eLearning plans have left parents struggling to balance teaching their kids while also either working from home or having to report to work.

Parents have expressed concerns over how to help their children complete schoolwork at home with such limited resources.

Charleston County School District officials say this is a new situation that we are all learning to manage as we go. They want everyone to know there the district sympathizes with parents who are all busy and balancing multiple roles at home.

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Tara Jackson is a home school parent who gave some advice and tips for other moms and dads doing this for the first time.

“Give yourself grace and give your children grace," Jackson says. “We were thrown into this and nobody expects you to do it perfectly. Don’t put that expectation on yourself.”

Jackson says with other extra curricular’s being canceled, she’s taking the time to help her kids learn basic life skills like learning to do laundry and how to cook, too.

“One thing someone told me years ago when I started homeschooling is there is no lesson that is more important than your relationship with your child and I think that’s good advice here,” Jackson said. "So, get through the packets as best you can, and then just make sure that they’ve learned something today.”

Jackson says her kids usually feed off of her energy. Whether she is stressed or calm usually affects how they perform with their school work as well.

“We do learn together constantly. I love English and Literature, so that’s my thing, but my husband is an engineer. So we save math for daddy after about 6th grade," Jackson says. "But also, think about the people in your network. You may be able to facetime Uncle Bill if you need help with math. Or think about your friends who are also home. Be available to one another by phone or text. Look online. Almost everything you need, you can find a youtube video for.”

Jackson says that for math, she uses a website called It has lessons that break down math ranging from third grade up to twelfth grade.

She also says is a useful resource. It has each grade level and subject laid out and there are online teachers that can give face-to-face instruction.

District officials want to remind everyone that this will not last forever, and this short period of time will not ruin your child's education.

Some school districts, like Charleston County, say there is a list of helpful websites and links on their official website as well.

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