East Cooper Meals on Wheels to temporarily suspend normal operations

VIDEO: East Cooper Meals on Wheels to temporarily suspend normal operations

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - East Cooper Meals on Wheels says it is preparing for its biggest delivery day ever on the heels of temporarily suspending regular meal deliveries.

The organization is suspending normal daily operations from Wednesday through April 6, President and CEO George Roberts said.

The nonprofit plans to operate double packing and delivery shifts Tuesday and will deliver a two-week supply of frozen meals to every current recipient. That represents 3,000 meals in total, Roberts said.

“Throughout this dynamic event, we have taken many precautions focused on maintaining the health of our volunteers, staff, and meal recipients,” he said. “As things continue to evolve, we believe this is a necessary step to protect our community at-large and the homebound neighbors who depend on us daily,” he said.

With 72% of East Cooper Meals on Wheels recipients living alone, the organization will be asking volunteers to check in daily via phone to keep its recipients from feeling totally isolated during this time.

“Social distancing, self-quarantines, and reduced availability of necessities are certainly challenging every one of us right now, especially from a mental health perspective, and we all look forward to a return to ‘normal’ life,” Roberts said. “But, for our homebound recipients, isolation and loneliness are everyday occurrences. It’s my hope that this experience helps us all grow in our empathy for those who are confined to their homes no matter what is happening in the world around them,” he said.

During this time, the organization will still be available to provide a one-time delivery of frozen meals to anyone who becomes newly quarantined at home due to testing positive for COVID-19 or being knowingly exposed to it.

Anyone who needs to sign up to receive meals should email rhamilton@ecmow.org, visit the organization’s website, https://ecmow.org/medical-referral-form/, or call 843-881-9350.

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