Advocates say lack of resources leaves homeless vulnerable

VIDEO: Advocates say lack of resources leaves homeless vulnerable

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Experts are urging people to stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic, but for homeless people the situation is more difficult.

Aaron Comstock is the founder of Uplift Charleston, a group that gives out supplies to people in need and aims to address issues like homelessness.

Comstock says although there are organizations that are helping the homeless, it is not enough.

“There may be abandoned buildings where the homeless may be squatting and even 10 to 20 folks in that one area,” Comstock said. “If you have affordable housing or shelters to go to they wouldn’t have to rely on squatting or being in those areas that would make them vulnerable to the disease.”

With some people not being able to practice social distancing or not having access to soap, Comstock says they’re an “at-risk” population when it comes to the coronavirus.

The Navigation Center in Charleston provides different services for the homeless and others in need.

Maria Elana Roland, the CEO of the center, says they’ve had to limit resources like providing showers and washing clothes, due to social distancing.

Although there a lot of things they aren’t currently able to do, she says organizations are still doing the best they can.

“There will be some new things coming out and we are working on some things to address [homelessness]. We just have to be patient,” Roland said. “One of the things that has been a struggle for us is that we have fed people every night and now some organizations have had to back out, but it has brought so many community partners to the center that are supporting our homeless right now.”

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