Town of Edisto Beach votes to adopt emergency ordinance restricting access to non-residence

VIDEO: Edisto Beach passes emergency ordinance

EDISTO BEACH, S.C. (WCSC) - The Town of Edisto Beach has voted to adopt an emergency ordinance that would restrict access to the town as well as short term rentals Sunday.

The ordinance is to be effective immediately.

Similar to Folly Beach, Edisto Beach Town Council reversed a previous emergency ordinance on Friday that restricted access to non-residents with a 24-hour checkpoint and didn’t allow any new check-ins at short term rental places.

“If they implement an ordinance in a way that invites a lawsuit. Then that’s something that they will have to deal with at the time," SC Attorney General Alan Wilson

"It’s much more impactful than most people realize. Especially for a small town with a little over 400 people and a very small budget.” Mayor of Town of Edisto Beach Jane Darby said.

Protesters were seen near the entrance to Edisto Island asking non-residents to stay home on Sunday.

“We are not set up to be able to handle a crisis like this if the coronavirus were to be on the beach," local business owner Katherine Rushing said.

On Saturday, protestors were seen on Folly Beach after the city lifted restrictions following an emergency town council meeting Friday night.

Folly Beach officials voted to re-establish a 24-hour checkpoint and allow no new check-ins for short term rentals starting Sunday.

Restrictions on short-term rentals and overnight accommodations on Edisto Beach were lifted following an emergency town council meeting Friday night.

Residents of the town are seen holding signs asking for Mayor Jane Darby to “step up” and for others to, “Stay home. Stay healthy."

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