Lowcountry Strong: Clinic providing medical care, food to people in need

Updated: Mar. 31, 2020 at 7:06 AM EDT
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MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCSC) - The Shifa Free Clinic is located in Mount Pleasant but serves neighbors in need throughout the Lowcountry.

Dr. Reshma Kahn started the clinic eight years ago, and it has continued to serve people throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The clinic offers medical services, food and diapers to people who are uninsured and people who live well below the poverty line.

“We offer OBGYN, primary care, mental health, pediatrics and a diabetic program,” Kahn said.

The clinic has shifted to telehealth appointments for everyone except their prenatal patients.

“Our biggest challenge was, how we can help our people and decrease the load on ER clinics?” Kahn said. "We did have to do a 180-degree turn and find out the best way to help continue to serve.”

In addition to those appointments, the Shifa Free Clinic makes home deliveries to about 60 families a day. One of the volunteers who helps with deliveries is Elijah Siegler.

“Once a week I come to the Shifa Clinic," Siegler said. “People need to eat no matter what the circumstances are...I do this because I know Dr. Khan’s work here. She’s kind of a hero in the community.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations have stepped up to donate items to the clinic. Molina Healthcare donated $5,000 to help with the doorstep deliveries, the Junior League Diaper Bank donated more than 10,000 diapers and the Lowcountry Food Bank donated 250 boxes of non-perishable food items and more than 8,000 pounds of fresh produce, meat and dairy products. In addition to those organizations, Fields to Families donated more than 100 dozen eggs from a local chicken farm and 40 pounds of vegetables and local Subway owner Shahid Hussian donated more than 200 loaves of freshly baked bread and continues to donate bread on a daily basis.

Kahn said she is grateful to these organizations and thankful for her son who has helped organize everything on a spreadsheet to make the delivery process run smoothly.

“I’ve very passionate about this,” she said. “It’s my heart and soul. I feel a moral responsibility and accountability for what God has given us and this is a time for us to stand up and serve the people together. No one person can do it.”

If you would like more information on how to request these services or if you would like to volunteer with the Shifa Free Clinic, click this link.

If you know someone or a group of people making the Lowcountry a better place during this time, you can tell us about it by filling out this form. You can also email Abbey O’Brien at aobrien@live5news.com and you might see them recognized on Live5News.

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