Parent Survival Guide: Shelter pets give comfort during coronavirus crisis

Updated: Apr. 6, 2020 at 3:46 PM EDT
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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - 10-year-old Blaise and his dad David Swain have a deep love for animals.

“We have four cats and a couple of lizards,” says Swain.

On this day, the Swain’s are looking at adopting a dog and checking out 4-year-old “Lady" at the Charleston Animal Society.

”We have been thinking about adding a dog to the collection because they are just as fun as any other animals," says Swain.

Kay Hyman with the local animal society says it's the bond and companionship animals bring during uncertain times like now that people need the most.

“Many of my friends are telling me their animal is what keeps them alive, it keeps them from losing hope,” says Hyman.

She says her shelter has more than 200 animals in foster homes right now which means less dogs and cats in their care.

She says for people who are isolated or alone while self distancing animals ease loneliness and bring joy and unconditional love.

“They’re finding solace and comfort in their animals. Right now at this moment it’s super important because it’s helping them to survive they have someone to talk to who would otherwise they have no contact with humans,” says Hyman.

“I’m an only child and I like to play with animals a lot,” says Blaise.

Pets can do more than keep you company they can help teach kids skills as well.

"We see many parents fostering young animals to teach children to be responsible and consider others before yourself and it provides a stable home for the animal and societal interaction," says Fuller.

The Charleston Animal Society says if you would like to see which animals are available to adopt or foster right now you can do so by appointment only.

You can make an appointment by going to the Charleston animal society website at or their facebook page.

4 year old “Lady” ended up being adopted.

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