Lowcountry Strong: Man posts messages outside hospital for brother battling cancer

Updated: Apr. 8, 2020 at 9:48 PM EDT
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CHARLESTON S.C. - The coronavirus has restricted visitors to hospitals across the Lowcountry, but one man is determined to encourage his brother who’s battling cancer.

Every day, Brian Bryant stops outside Roper St. Francis Hospital in Charleston to post messages, share a phone call and wave to his brother, Jeff, from across the street.

“It’s an easy thing to do. I ride back and forth every day, so just got in the habit of stopping here and waving,” Bryant said. “He’s got cancer and he’s going through chemo right now. Which is tough on him because he’s an outdoorsman.”

Because of hospital restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic, the street corner is the closest Bryant can get to his brother.

“We actually have to ask [Jeff] not to leave the unit right now,” Clinical manager of in-patient oncology, Ashley Mitchum-Chapman said. “Which is actually really hard because that social interaction is a huge part of the treatment of our patients.”

Bryan’s daily dose of encouragement has even promoted hospital staff to send their own message to the patients up above

“We came out today and wrote a message for our patients that can see it to stay strong and stick in there when their family members can’t visit right now,” Mitchum-Chapman said.

“I just love my brother and I want him to be able to see me,” Bryant said.

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