Parent Survival Guide: Keeping the family healthy during COVID-19

Updated: Apr. 13, 2020 at 7:41 PM EDT
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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - While we’re making efforts to avoid germs by staying home it can sometimes be difficult to eat right and stay healthy.

“It can be easy under stress to have good eating habits go out the window. But we want to make sure we are keeping our immune system working optimally,” said Debbie Petitipain who’s the spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

She says give your body that boost of immunity we all need.

Make sure your meals consist of plenty of fruits and veggies at least five servings.

"Fruits and veggies are high in B vitamins and our bodies really need those B vitamins when we are really stressed," Petitpain says.

She says vitamin C packs a punch not only in citrus fruit but bell peppers and dark green leafy veggies also contain plenty of it.

Petitpain says make sure to stick to the produce you and your family like.

“Because kids are already stressed with being out of school and off their routine so it’s not a time to introduce new food to a picky eater,” Petitpain says.

When it comes to your family’s overall health she says go outside for at least 15 minutes.

She also says getting some exercise for at least 15 minutes can do a body good in more ways than one especially during these times.

“There are two benefits to getting outside. It’s access to the sunlight which is a mood booster and it helps set that internal clock, and the second is exercise which naturally produces endorphins which send feel good messages to your brain,” Petitpain said.

Petitpain says now more than ever, we need our family and friends.

She says being socially connected is just as important as our diet so take time out to zoom or Facetime, family and friends and stay distantly social.

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