Dorchester School District Two offering supplemental learning following school work deadline

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - In Dorchester School District Two, the deadline for students to turn in school work packets is May 15th.

The district says no additional student packets will be distributed, but some parents are wondering why there isn’t any more required school work prior to the scheduled last day of school which is June 3rd.

Students can also access their work online.

The second round of school work assignments and packets were issued on April 2nd.

Spokesperson for the school district Pat Raynor says school the work students are assigned in most cases exceed the recommended state department of education guidelines. She says the most recent work packets that students received were robust and comprehensive. Some packets were up to 48 pages.

The district leaders say if parents are concerned about their child not having enough learning material that they should reach out the child's school or teacher. In a letter sent to parents, Dorchester District Two officials say supplemental learning opportunities will be available for students to remain actively engaged.

Some students say it's been difficult to do the work that has already been assigned without classroom structure.

However, some parents say with assigned school work ending mid-May, there's a lot of idle time for students at home.

The district says May 8th and May 15th will be the next designated packet drop-off days for elementary, middle and high school students.

Principal at Fort Dorchester High School Tripp Aldredge says the current deadlines allow them to provide assistance to students.

“By setting the dates where we are it gives us an opportunity to get the work, get it graded and be able to give feedback to students,” Aldredge said. “Still during that time to the end of the year we have an opportunity to go back to a student who may have struggled and need some more remediation.”

Aldredge says when they receive the school work packets they don't go through them until about a week later to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

"One thing to keep in mind is when we see students face-to-face in a normal setting, in a normal school year the winding down so to speak of the work naturally happens as well," Aldredge said. "We are collecting work on a daily basis, we are grading work turning it around. In this situation, if we were to wait until the bitter end and collect a stack of work inches thick from students, how could we possibly grade that."

State education leaders also say the last two weeks of school are normally for testing which has already been canceled.

In the letter, the district says teachers will continue to work with students to help them successfully complete the comprehensive assignments already distributed. They will also provide feedback to encourage and engage students allowing them to resubmit work. This will give students the opportunity to demonstrate mastery and improve their grades.

The district is working on arrangements for closing out the school year. When the plans are finalized they will update parents.

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