Fort Dorchester High celebrates seniors with surprise drive thru ‘block party’

VIDEO: Cap and Gown pickup celebration at Fort Dorchester

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Fort Dorchester High School in North Charleston is finding ways to celebrate its seniors during the coronavirus pandemic.

On Wednesday they held a drive-thru celebration as seniors picked up their cap and gowns at the school.

They had a DJ, balloons, signs and posters.

Teachers and other staff lined the parking lot and cheered them on as they drove through.

"I think the are trying to make us feel better about what's going on and I like that," senior Jamilah Washington said.

Seniors and parents are disappointed about the possibility of having a virtual graduation and prom being canceled.

"I don't like that at all, I worked really hard this year senior year was no joke," senior, Tiara Glover said. "I had to take SATs several times ACTs several times. I worked really hard and I don't want a virtual graduation, but I want to keep everyone else safe."

Dorchester School District Two officials say graduation is planned for July 17.

They’d like to have an in-person traditional ceremony at the North Charleston coliseum, however, if it’s not deemed safe by then it will be virtual.

Principal of Fort Dorchester High Tripp Aldredge says it's great to see everyone after being trapped at home.

"I think they're a bit surprised at today, lots of big smiles and exciting waves," Aldredge said. "For those of use that work in schools we're kind of wired to be here with students everyday and so we talk often as adults when we meet about how badly we miss the students and how we wish we could be back with them."

Parent Lorri Simmons says seeing the celebration made her shed a tear, she says it was nice.

"I was really looking forward to seeing him walk across the stage and being there for that, I've been there for other people's and I was looking forward to seeing it for my son," Simmons said.

Spirit Week is coming up and the school wants seniors to celebrate their college decision by drawing it with sidewalk chalk and taking pictures to share with the school. They gave all the students sidewalk chalk to participate.

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