Which school districts are offering bonus pay

VIDEO: Which school districts are offering bonus pay

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Charleston County Schools is the only local district we found that’s offering bonus pay to some workers.

Most school employees are working from home right now and educators are teaching virtually.

But because many kids depend on school for healthy meals, our local school districts have food service workers and bus drivers pitching in to continue working in the field.

CCSD is paying an extra $250 per 40 hours worked.

It applies to employees in food service, IT, and Operation Kid Care.

Operation Kid care is the child care partnership between CCSD and Roper St. Francis to help healthcare employees.

CCSD says 250 employees are getting that bonus, which totals approximately $62,500 for every 40 hours.

The district says it has not furloughed, laid off or reduced any employee hours due to the pandemic.

Dorchester District Two says all employees are receiving regular salaries and that they haven’t had any furloughs or layoffs.

Dorchester District Four says custodians, food service workers and transportation staff are still working.

They are making their usual hourly rates.

DD4 said no furloughs or pay cuts have been implemented there, either.

Berkeley County Schools is not offering emergency pay to any workers.

In a school board meeting in March, the district said it is trying to keep all 5,000 employees working however they can so they can all still be paid.

Thursday, BCSD officials said they have not had any furloughs or pay cuts.

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