In moving out, some turn college dorm snacks into donations during COVID-19

VIDEO: College move out changes during COVID-19

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - As the Coronavirus causes schools to stay online for the semester, students are figuring out how to get their belongings left behind. One local company is working with students to pack and donate what they can’t save.

When College of Charleston freshman, Sadie Jenkins left to go home to Colorado for spring break she didn’t know when she’d come back.

“I thought I was coming back,” Jenkins said. “I packed clothing and stuff that I would need in the short-term.”

But because of Coronavirus precautions, she faced the logistics of moving out from thousands of miles away.

“It didn’t really seem logistically viable for her to go back,” mother Susan Jenkins said.

The storage company, STASH, has partnered with the College of Charleston to allow students to remotely pack students up. They are moving one dorm out at a time.

“It’s just a small controlled atmosphere as opposed to your typical college move which is ground and pound and tons of people moving all at the same time,” president Courtney Friedman said. “We FaceTime with the students when we pick up their items to, for accountability, and for them to understand and see and confirm the items in the room.”

As for all the food left behind in each dorm, the company said they couldn’t let it go to waste. So they’re donating truckloads of food they’ve found to local food banks.

“Each dorms has meaningful food in it,” Friedman said. “And so instead of it going into the waste can, or thrown away, we have collected at all and started to collect it all to get it over to the food bank.”

Freidman said they have moved stuff for 75 students out and have around 60 more to go.

Mike Robertson, senior director of media relations, said there are 650 students that need to move out, and will be split in three phases to limit the number in buildings at any one time.

Students will be required to sign up for move out time slots that are set for May 9, 16 and 23, according to Robertson. Phase I on May 9 will include students who are from South Carolina.

Students will be asked to wear face masks and to limit the number of people they bring with them when they come to move out.

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